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Biohacking :

Achieving Optimal Health by Biohacking with Stem Cell Therapy

Biohacking by utilizing stem cells to look and feel your best, for longer.

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    biohacking what is it stem cells

    Biohacking : The goal of biohacking with the use of stem cell therapy is to slow the aging process and improve body functionality as you age.


    Biohacking is a term used to describe “do-it-yourself” biology.


    Biohacking involves individuals making incremental changes to their body, diet, and lifestyle, thus improving their health and well-being.


    The power of stem cell therapy can help you experience a longer healthspan, improved body performance, and an overall more fulfilling life. Book a consultation if you’re looking to:

    • Reduce pain
    • Enhance mobility and flexibility
    • Boost energy levels and vitality
    • Promote natural healing and cellular repair
    • Regain confidence and live your fullest life

    Health-span and Biohacking

    Healthspan refers to what most people commonly consider lifespan, but instead of just focusing on living longer, stem cell therapy promotes feeling better throughout your lifespan.


    Longevity is just a number if your body can’t properly function as you get up into your later years.


    Biohacking with stem cells ensure you can enjoy the same activities that you did in your younger years, to continue living a vibrant and active life that’s free from limitations.

    Maintain physical and cognitive functions

    Reduce your risk of age-related diseases

    Recover faster from injuries and setbacks

    Enjoy the activities you love for longer

    Invest in your future well-being


    Think of “anti-aging” more so as pro-aging, as the goal is to age well for a long time. You’ll be ready to welcome the later years of life as they naturally occur, without having to settle for a decline in your health. Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary approach to pro-aging by helping you to maintain your health, vitality, and independence.

    Promote cellular repair and regeneration

    Improve function in aging tissues

    Combat the effects of chronic conditions

    Support a more active lifestyle

    Age well and feel your best

    Health and Cellular Optimization

    As you age, your cells deteriorate to be less functional than they used to be. Cellular optimization looks to restore and improve the function of your cells and tissue to bring them back to the way they performed at younger ages. Keep your body performing like a well-tuned machine with stem cell therapy helping to revert your cells to a more youthful state.

    Improve cellular communication and repair mechanisms

    Enhance tissue regeneration and resilience

    Support a healthy inflammatory response

    Promote a more youthful and energetic state

    Experience a renewed sense of vitality

    Mitochondrial Optimization

    Stem cells have the incredible ability to donate healthy mitochondria to unhealthy cells, allowing them to become healthy again. Think of it as in-flight refueling for planes, a plane with fuel flies up to a plane lacking fuel and fills it up before it’s too late, allowing the plane to continue on its path and achieve its original goal. The best way to promote healthy mitochondria is with stem cells.

    Enhance cellular ATP (energy) production

    Improve cellular resilience to oxidative stress

    Promote mitochondrial biogenesis (creation of new mitochondria)

    Support healthy metabolism and weight management

    Experience a natural boost in energy and vitality

    Precision and Personal Medicine

    Precision and personal medicine are both similar concepts that utilize your own DNA to repair your own cells, keeping a natural formation rather than an artificial solution. This keeps the cell restoration process precise and personal to promote natural healing and growth, without pharmaceuticals or surgery.


    Promote natural tissue repair and regeneration

    Support a healthy immune system

    Minimize the risk of invasive procedures and surgeries

    Experience a safe and effective approach to healing

    Align with your body’s natural healing potential

    Biohacking = Natural Healing

    Stem cell therapy practices a safe and effective alternative to traditional healing treatments.


    It doesn’t get more natural than biohacking, which harnesses your own body’s healing mechanisms, and helps to avoid the use of pharmaceuticals and surgery when possible.

    Promote natural tissue repair and regeneration

    Support a healthy immune system

    Minimize the risk of invasive procedures and surgeries

    Experience a safe and effective approach to healing

    Align with your body’s natural healing potential

    Performance Medicine Biohacking

    Losing your ability to perform like you used to is a defeating feeling.


    Whether it’s for simple tasks that you used to be able to do, or a hobby or passion that you’ve been practicing for years, you want to be able to continue with the same effectiveness even as you age.


    Tissue repair and regeneration by way of biohacking, utilizing stem cell therapy, lets you experience improved mobility, strength, and endurance.


    Enhance recovery time from injuries

    Improve muscle strength, power, and flexibility

    Support joint health and mobility

    Optimize your physical performance capabilities

    Biohacking Using Cell Replacement Therapy

    Just like humans that they occupy, cells age and eventually die as well. Cell replacement therapy can replace those aging and dying cells, which therefore restores function to aging tissues in your body.


    This helps promote better performance, healthspan, and quality of life even when your body should hypothetically be slowing down.

    Replace damaged or injured cells with healthy new ones

    Restore function to aging tissues and organs

    Improve the health and vitality of your body

    Experience a renewed sense of well-being

    Hear from our previous patients

    Even though we have thousands of successful treatments, and satisfied patients years after their treatments, we know that it testimonials can be marketing gimmicks. We prefer to take the data driven approach to patient success.
    With that being said, here are a few, of many, words from our patients.

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    This past Tues, I woke up and said WOW, I’m ready for the world and anything that comes at me, and I feel 15 years younger. I’d be very happy to stay at this stage of wellness, but I know it’s only the beginning of a big upturn in feeling good and healthy.

    My friends, family and Doctors all say my emotional, physical, mental and being are very upbeat, positive and aggressive. I’ve recommended to many of my friends and colleagues that they get to your clinic as soon as they can.

    G. O.

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    The stem cell surgery has given me my life back. My thanks to the lady whose name I never knew, who told me about her stem cell surgery with Dr. O’brien. I will always be grateful to Dr. O’Brien and Dr. Berman.

    B. B.

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    In 2012, when you took my own fat cells, turned them into my own stem cells which were then injected into my knee, I was pain-free and drug-free for close to 7 years. You have no idea how that impacted my life! By using my crutches, which I have used for more than 60 years, I was able to travel the world, hike through Tasmania, play with my precious grandchildren – even in their ” bounce house”! sure I’m tired at the end of these days but I have never, NEVER experienced a twinge of pain and never had to take a single drug, OTC or prescription

    J. H.

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    Immediately after having my own stem cells injected into my hips I felt radical improvement. It has now been 5 months and both legs are dramatically improved. There is no pain whatsoever in my left leg, and my right leg feels around 90% Improvement. I am back at my profession pain-free and I’ve continued the active life I am so passionate about.

    S. D.


    What is a stem cell?

    A stem cell is basically any cell that can replicate and differentiate. This means the cell can not only multiply, it can turn into different types of tissues.


    There are different kinds of stem cells. Most people are familiar with or have heard the term “embryonic stem cell.”


    These are cells from the embryonic stage that have yet to differentiate – as such, they can change into any body part at all.


    These are then called “pluri-potential” cells. Because they are taken from unborn or unwanted embryos, there has been considerable controversy surrounding their use.


    Also, while they have been used in some areas of medicine – particularly, outside the United States – they have also been associated with occasional tumor (teratoma) formations.


    There is work being conducted by several companies to isolate particular lines of embryonic stem cells for future use.


    Another kind of stem cell is the “adult stem cell.” This is a stem cell that already resides in one’s body within different tissues.


    In recent times, much work has been done isolating bone-marrow derived stem cells. These are also known as “mesenchymal stem cells” because they come from the mesodermal section of your body.


    They have been shown to differentiate into bone and cartilage, and almost all other mesodermal elements, such as fat, connective tissue, blood vessels, muscle and nerve tissue.


    Bone marrow stem cells can be extracted and because they are low in numbers, they are usually cultured in order to multiply their numbers for future use.


    As it turns out, fat is also loaded with mesenchymal stem cells. In fact, it has hundreds if not thousands of times more stem cells compared to bone marrow. Today, we actually have tools that allow us to separate the stem cells from fat.


    Because most people have adequate fat supplies and the numbers of stem cells are so great, there is no need to culture the cells over a period of days and they can be used right away.

    How do adult stem cells heal?

    These adult stem cells are known as “progenitor” cells. This means they remain dormant (do nothing) unless they witness some level of tissue injury.


    It’s the tissue injury that turns them on. So, when a person has a degenerative type problem, the stem cells tend to go to that area of need and stimulate the healing process.


    Stem cells can promote healing by either directly differentiating into functional tissue, secreting cytokine signals to direct repair and regeneration of other cells, and even transfer their healthy mitochondria (energy producing organelle in all your cells) to aging dying cells in your body.


    Suffice it to say that there are multiple animal models and a plethora of human evidence that indicates these are significant reparative cells.

    How is the fat obtained?

    Patients have their fat (usually abdominal) harvested in our special sterile harvesting technology under a local anesthetic. The “mini liposuction” fat removal procedure lasts approximately twenty minutes. Specially designed equipment is used to harvest the fat cells and less than 100cc of fat is required. Post-operative discomfort is minimal and there is minimal restriction on activity.

    Can stem cells cause cancer?

    Adult mesenchymal stem cells are not known to cause cancer. Some patients have heard of stories of cancer caused by stem cells, but these are probably related to the use of embryonic cells (Not Adult Mesenchymal Cells). These embryonic tumors known as teratomas are rare but possible occurrences when embryonic cells are used.


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    Can stem cells cause cancer
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    Personal cell therapy refers to using your own stem cells with your own DNA. This mitigates the risk of any kind of long-term fallout from using allogeneic stem cells (those from another donor).